Monday, February 22, 2016

Mission Week 32: Manacor February 15, 2016

Dear family whom I love so dearly!!!!

This week was an amazing week. We saw so many miracles in finding and teaching. I felt so blessed and guided by the Spirit this week it was incredible.

Elder Cook is fantastic, he has taught me so much about being calm. About not letting the little things that don't matter get to me, and enjoying the ride. He is such a great companion.

Our first new friend was I. We contacted her on the street and she said she knew us because we had said hi to her sister-in-law and she had said that we were really friendly. She said she like religion but that every church had their own interpretation of the Bible. We were able to share the Book of Mormon with her and tell her how the two books clarify and build on each other. We passed by her store the next day and she had already begun reading. We then discussed the topic of dispensations and we gave her a reading assignment to study further. It was a testimony builder for me to know that we don't know what affect we are going to have. One impression can lead to amazing opportunities.

This week in church was another miracle. Our branch is really catching the vision of the Europe Area plan. One of our members brought his wife to church, who isn't a member, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. We are excited to follow up with her and help her to come unto to Christ to strengthen their family.

Yesterday, as we were walking I saw an old man that I knew, his name is S. Normally, we would have a small conversation and go immediately into the Gospel, where he would lose all interest. So I decided to try something different. We just walked and talked with him. About life, about his trips to New York, about dinner, and after, he invited us to come over tonight and talk with him about our message. I was another great reminder that these really are people, they have lives, things that are important to them.

Lastly, the other day as we were gazing into a candy store, we noticed a woman looking at our badges. We said hello, and she asked us if we were missionaries. We said of course and she then explained how she knew the missionaries for many years, and in fact, sh had decided that morning that she wanted to go to our church. She said she missed the atmosphere there. But, with her mother in the hospital, she went there instead. What a miracle. She told us she literally woke up just to come to our church. We set a time to go and visit with her, and are so grateful for the missionaries before us who paved the way for us to find this amazing daughter of God.

And now it's time for my favorite part of the week, funny stories with Elder Tyson, color commentating,  Elder Cook. It was a wild one. We heard that the elders from Inca were walking to one of their pueblos (for those Americans, a pueblo is like a little town) and that it only took them like thirty minutes. So we decided hey, why don't we do that? We will save tons of money on bus tickets. So we we began, walking down this farm road, as the sun started to go down around 6:30 and it got dark, fast... Cars were speeding by, there was no shoulder, and no side walk. We walked a little and decided to say a prayer to see if we should move forward, or back. We turned back. We finished our day, and found out that there was a walking path to the city.

The next day we decided to take the walking path. It's only 7.8 kilometers (almost 5 miles for those Americans) so we thought we could make it in an hour, hour and a half at the most. We started at 6pm. Well, it got dark, and we couldn't see the city and we knew when we need to be back, so we pressed forward. We finally made it. After we passed through a huge tunnel with only the light of our iPads to guide us... We made it at 8 pm. So we had two choices, turn and go back, or try to catch a bus. My bus schedule said that we missed the last bus by 10 minutes. We decided to try the bus. As we approached the stop, we saw a bus. We sprinted to it and it stopped. The bus was 10 minutes late!!!! It was a miracle! We took the 15 minute ride to Manacor, and contacted the rest of the night. We realized that, that wasn't our finest hour, but we got a good story out of it. It was rough, but we made it through!!!! Hahahahaha

Love you all!!!!!

Elder Tyson

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