Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mission Week 29: Manacor


Yesterday we had interviews with President. What a great man he is! We were able to just chit chat about the gospel, and he gave me some great advice on how to better our area!!!! We were in Palma all day, we didn't get home until seven thirty, so we ate and hit the streets, we were so tired, but it was worth it!!!!

I got your package!!!! The one with the little scripture and the fruit loops and things!!!! whooooo!!! Thank thank you so much!!!! We played games with those little book of mormon cards while we were waiting for our interviews. Everyone loved those!!!! The watch is super nice. Thank you!!!! It was a little big, but you know my around tinkering with things, and now it fits perfectly!!!!

Saturday was the big 19!!!! It was such a great day, thank you for those photos you took!!! They are so nice. C. was so great, filming that and sending it to you!

I had an intercambio with our district leader. He has a ton of time in the mission and taught me so much. Our district leader is the bomb!

Side note.... we got haircuts today

For district meeting, we learned about finding joy in the work, and our leader set up a huge obstacle course made out of chairs in the church. We blind folded our companion and had to guide him through the maze. It was so fun, it really brought joy into the work!!!!

This week during my studies I have truly come to see the power of grace in my life and in the work. It doesn't matter what I do, Christ paid the price. Nothing I do helps me be saved. I heard a quote that says, "we have been saved by grace, but have we been changed by grace?" Christ paid the price for us to return to our Heavenly Father. We have commandments to help us feel comfortable when we return, and the things we do determine how long we will be with him, but Christ is always there. Lifting us when we fall. Not just after we have done everything, but before, During, and After.
 Well I have to go.... Be good!!!!

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