Monday, January 11, 2016

Mission Week 27: Reyes

This week has been so great. We have really been working hard and trying our best to change the lives around us here. We are really growing together and having a great time inviting people to come unto to Christ.

This week we set a fecha (date) with our good friend J. He is from Texas but speaks perfect Spanish. He just moved here and is fifteen years old. He is such a good kid, and really wants to learn. We had set a fecha for the 23rd but, he wasn't able to attend church so we are looking to set a new fecha for the 30th. He has such a good heart, but it was a little weird teaching in English. We are so excited to see the progression in him.

This week the Baleares District began its goal to become a stake, 66 baptisms in on year. We know this is possible, in the Lord's timing, with diligence, hard work and obedience. To help get us on the right foot our Zone Leaders committed us to wear the same tie until we had a baptism. It has been a little rough the last few days, but it gives me more drive to help my friends into the water of baptism.

I had the opportunity to speak in church this week about the Restoration, and how it applies to lives of our members. I realized that the entire first lesson is really centered on prayer. How because God loves us, we can pray to him and he will always answer and give us more light and knowledge. It was wonderful to apply the things i learned to my own prayers, and I feel my relationship with God growing.

Also this week was Reyes (Kings) holiday. It's like christmas all over again. we went and ate and took pictures by the reyes on their horses.... it was super cool....

I ate a whole dominoes pizza by myself.... its buffet here... so we go crazy... I have a video...

We saved an old woman who fell in the streets this week. She was like,"I have fallen and I cant get up" so we were like, "hey, we are human life alerts!" We got her on her feet, and we were happy she didn't break a hip. She said we were very nice, but didn't want us to talk to her anymore.

We contacted a man in the street, and he we went off on us, because we were wearing scarves, and the kids in Africa didn't even have food, so we walked away and later, while were taking a little break, he walked up to us and asked if we were the same chicos from before, I politely told him that we were NOT, and he seemed satisfied. we then tried walking around the block to see if we could confuse him again, but he was no where to be found... probably for the best...

 There are huge fires in the streets every night getting ready for the Sant Antoni celebration.

So this celebration is only in our town... no where else in Spain celebrates!

Love you lots!

Elder Tyson

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