Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mission Week 28: Happy Birthday Elder Tyson!!!

Ok what a week. There was so much going on, We are going to have to take it day by day. Well starting with Thorsday.


So ya. I threw up.... many times.... I was feeling really sick. Elder Allen was a good sport. Helping me to feel better. I was so hungry because I lost all of food, so I decided to make quesadillas.... He warned me that the dairy would just come right back out. I wished I had listened..... I made my quesadillas and within five minutes of eating them, I was puking it all up again.... TMI! I know. We passed the time in piso by reading scriptures and things... and then I remembered the game MASH..... So while I was on and off the baño, we played a little MASH, with areas to serve, companions to have and what not.... good times..... kind of.


It rained perros and gatos out here. I was feeling much better but the rain hit us so hard.... I personally loved it..... because I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day. We tried and tried and tried to talk to people, but I guess not everyone knew that the sun will come out tomorrow.... even though I am betting my bottom dollar on it. That day was so great though, we were able to place 2 Books of Mormon in one day. Maybe a record of my mission.... #CelebrateTheSmallVictories


Sant Antoni-The was the party of the century! It all started all family friendly, families on bikes, riding around and looking at amazing paper mache sculptures, and enjoying the time. We enjoyed it too... with members in the streets just singing kumbaya... Until about 8 o'clock..... That was when the kids went to bed and then they lit all of these beautiful sculptures to the ground! Bonfires, screaming, dancing, no one caring about the hour of night. We got back to Piso undetected. We felt like Heavenly Father put the cloak of invisibility over us. We got back and the smell of the smoke (which still lingers over the city) wasn't even on our clothes, and we are talking fires on every single block! The fires we would do  in our backyard don't hold a candle to these things. We felt so blessed. It was like Shadrack, Meshack and Abendigo. Well the party didn't stop once we got to our piso. The people were out, playing blaringly loud music until 4:30 am. I thought I was waiting up for Santa Claus.  What a day!


We saw some people in the streets still celebrating. We thanked the Lord for the Word of Wisdom. When we got to the end of the night, we felt discouraged because our numbers were awful. Then, I thought back on the week. We had truly helped people come unto to Christ. We had committed several families to read the Book of Mormon and to return back to church, and we were able to bless the lives of others through prayers in the streets. I remembered why I came out here. Its not about the baptisms or the amount of lessons I have taught. Those are a byproduct of my purpose here: To help everyone I see to realize that Jesus is the Savior, and they can come to know him better than ever before if they will read the Book of Mormon.
Today we went on a hike and saw some of the beautiful parts of our area. Here are some pictures of the island and some pictures of the celebration.

 My scripture is Moroni 10:32 and I know that is typical and was the theme of the church, but i think it really describes what I am all about as a missionary, what i want to accomplish, and its my go to in teaching!!!
 I love you so much... and I am doing my best to find teach and baptize...... have a good week.... save some candles for me!!!!!

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