Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mission Week 21: L'Hospitalet

This has been a fantastic week. We have been teaching A., who has a fecha (date) for the 11th of this month. He has such strong support from his family who are all members. We are making plans and Preach my Gospel has been teaching me so much about how we can better teach him.

With this week being being Thanksgiving I have been thinking a lot about what I am grateful for. First, my Savior Jesus Christ. I have come so close to Him and serving this mission has helped me come so closer to Him. We were welcomed so many members this week that wanted to eat with us in honor of the holiday. I am so grateful for our ward here. The members are so strong and supportive. we love spending time with them and helping them become better missionaries.

This week we helped a sister in our ward move. What a great experience seeing the burden of this task ease off of her shoulders. I really learned a lesson about service. If Jesus Christ was here, he would be serving at every opportunity.

Elder Stratton is great. I have literally learned so much from him, he would do great in any area, he is definitely building ours. I have been so blessed to get to work with such a great missionary.
Today we went and went bike riding around the Sagrada Familia cathedral. It was so cool we had such a blast. we rode all over, weaving through cars and buses!!!!

La Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Hey so I got a package!!!!! It was Lucky Charms and Goldfish!!!!! So one suggestion with the packages, please address it, Kade Jay Tyson, without the Elder. I had to go to correos (post office) to pick it up and they almost didn't give it to me because my passport doesn't say Elder. I got it but just a thought.

I should get the package from Patti soon. I am so excited!
Hey so Elder Latteier loved the Goldfish.... ha ha.... he said he would be a happy camper if he was eating a bag... ha ha.... only joking... but not really.

I ate potato salad and liver and intestines this week.... mayo!!!!!!

I bought myself a Bluetooth keyboard. it is super nice and I am using it right now... ha ha.....
Preparation day changed because the Zone Leaders had a conference yesterday and we wanted to be with them.

Next week is transfers so my preparation day will be on Tuesday as well.
Our numbers are much better, much more lessons with members, fantastic! The Church's new Christmas video
is so cool, we pass out cards and share it all of the time. We are having a missionary activity this week... MEET THE MORMONS, its going to be so great!!!! We cant wait!!!!
We are so excited for Christmas. We are planning the decorations! I am loving serving the Lord... it makes me so happy.
I hope is all is well with the family!!!!
Elder Tyson 

Some pictures Elder Tyson sent this week:

Elders Tyson & Latteier

Drinking Mate

Elders Tyson & Latteier

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