Monday, October 26, 2015

Mission Week 16: Hospitalet

Hey family,

This week has been so great. My companion had his birthday this week. It was so fun. I bought him a Frozen cake and a little pig piggy bank. I got a letter saying that our packages from Patti were stuck at customs, so we should get them soon. I'm so excited to get the package from her! I hope they come before my companion goes home. Thanks Patti!

I HAVE A FRIEND! Elder Latteier is in my piso and we are such good friends. We are both praying that I stay here through Christmas so that we can be together. He went to Cottonwood, and we are so tight. 

This week my companion and I worked really hard to find new investigators and meet with menos activos in our ward. Unfortunately, our numbers don't reflect our effort. We are working so hard and I know we are being blessed.

We gave our investigator A. his last chance this week To accept our message like I was advised in my interview with president. He still isn't ready to accept the gospel, but still wants to come to church. The Spirit was so powerful in the lesson. He just said that he wasn't ready to do it so we told him that we would continue inviting him to activities and church, and when he felt he was ready, we would always be there for him.

D. is really making progress. She said that she had talked with three of the four people that she needed to, to change her schedule for work, and they all agreed. We only had a minute to talk to her, and so hopefully next time we can talk about finding a new place of work so that she come to church.

We were challenged in interviews this week to read the New Testament. So I have started studying the New Testament and loving what I am learning. I was thinking about the Atonement and was thinking about why it was needed. Christ had to suffer for our sins so that we could be clean, but why suffer for all of our pains if they weren't required for salvation? He did it because he loves us. He wanted to help us not only overcome sin, but also become stronger through trials. I am so grateful for my perfect brother saving me in every moment.

Elder Caetano had his birthday this week. He was so great with the members and being so gracious. He is such a great people person, I am learning so much from him everyday.
Today for preparation day we went to a locotorio for our package stuff.... After this we are going with a member to a tie place and he is going to buy us some ties.... He is super great.
Mom you would be so proud. Today we went shopping for food, and I stayed like perfectly in budget, so I did a little cheer, and the cashier started laughing. His name was Alberto, so I said, "Alberto, gracias, used Es una buena persona." He was laughing so hard at some weird American. The other elders started laughing at me and so I said, "Que? Alberto y yo somos amigos, no?" He smiled and said give me five. We had a big high five and I walked feeling so happy.  It was so goofy and for a split second but I knew I made his day. It reminded me of how we always used our waiters name and Fritz on the river in Wyoming, oh Fritzy!
We have like three senior couples here. I am pretty sure the next import of missionaries is like thirty five. Huge!  I am excited. The fresh blood is really good for the mission.
 After seeing so many old church videos, I am getting obsessed with the style from the nineties. Light color jeans, white shoes, tucked in t shirt with a braided belt. That's who I want to be! Boom. Bringing it back. hahaha

Hey well I have to skidaddle. Have a great week. Love you!!!!!!

Elder Tyson

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