Monday, October 12, 2015

Mission Week 14: Hospitalet

Here comes a flood of pictures so be ready.

This week has been so great!!!!! I will try not to miss anything.

So this week we had our Zone Infoque. It's every month and the zone leaders just teach for a while. So like two nights before, they came into my office and said they needed my help. They were presenting a huge goal to the zone and needed ideas to help present it. I was so excited. Billions of crazy ideas came flowing into my mind. I gave them the idea that we should pretend like we are swimming, because the goal was about baptism, so I choreographed the dance, the zone leaders got the candy, and it was so great. We had such a great time!


Also, I got to baptize Marisol this week. I was so nervous but it went great. She loves Hannah Porter and that's why she asked me to do it. It was such a spiritual experience for me. I wanted to just cry and hug her to death, but I am a missionary, so no go on that. Hannah Porter finished her mission in this ward.

We had to postpone Dora's baptism because she didn't come to church yesterday, man I am praying my heart out for that lady.

For preparation day we hiked this mountain up to a cathedral. It was so great there was a road or trail, so we hiked it. On the mountain, right below the cathedral there is a big amusement park, just smaller than Lagoon. These roller coasters are built on the mountain. So cool.
I have started doing interviews with my voice recorder. Asking missionaries questions about their favorite scriptures, our missionary purpose and stuff....It has been so fun, and it's already a hit. Other missionaries have already asked me when is it their turn.

That bread you saw was freshly baked for two euros and it was two for one. Spain really knows how to do bakeries.

I have lost weight, don't exactly know how much. I have my belt on one hole tighter.


It's fiesta here in Spain today, so basically everything here is closed. Maybe they celebrate Columbus as well... Haha....
Well it's that time folks... I love you so much... Thank you for all of the fun things you have taught me, they are really coming in handy. Also, how to just be a happy person... Stay happy and healthy... Tell Allie to write... I miss that little munchkin..... Love you...Thanks for steering me in the right way... Love you once more.

Elder Tyson

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