Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mission Week 95: May 2, 2017 Transferred to Burgos

May 2, 2017

Big news.....

I have been transferred!!!!!!!!
Last six weeks... leaving Badalona... going to......BURGOS!!!!!!!!!
That's right, it's in the North!!! Not quite Pamplona, nor Santander, but it's close!!!
My new companion is Elder Torruella, a young missionary who served in the Badalona zone when I was there!!
Also, big news, I am no longer a Zone Leader!!! I get to finish as a district leader!! It will be nice to have a change and focus on one district to finish off.

It was sad to leave Badalona, but is in good hands.
The members have been so nice here. It was so sad to say goodbye to converts and friends, but I am used to it now. We were at church and at sacrament meeting my converts from Terrassa came down to say goodbye to me. It was a tender mercy. It was so good to see them and talk about good times. It made me happy to know that I actually have done some good here in Spain, and I am excited to do some more in Burgos.

I am currently writing this email on a 6 hour train ride.... side note

Thanks for all the pictures and messages. I have so much hope in my heart, and am so honored that I was able to be chosen as an honorary pallbearer at the funeral. I hope the Wilhites are doing well.

I am grateful for this work. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I don't have much time today to write, but I will give you all the details of my area next week!

Love you tons,
Elder Tyson

Elder Tyson has made a post mission commitment!


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