Monday, March 14, 2016

Mission Week 36-Manacor March 14, 2016

This has just been a solid week. The weather made everything very interesting. It poured rained most of the days. It was so fantastic. We loved the rain, and greater enough, people actually stopped to talk to us in the rain.

I have been learning a lot in my studies of the Old Testament and particularly about sustain our leaders, and specifically the Prophet. In the times of ancient Israel, the prophet communicated directly with the prophet and truly manifested his power on earth. I feel so grateful that we have a prophet on the earth today that has the power of God to guide us in these latter days. I have also learned that when we sustain the prophet, we promise to follow his example in our lives. 

I had the opportunity yesterday to teach the whole branch yesterday, in a talk during sacrament meeting, and during a combined priesthood, Relief Society meeting. the class was on the prophet Joseph Smith. I love the prophet Joseph. His example of not being ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ really inspires me. I asked the members in what ways are we persecuted for our beliefs today. It was amazing to see them bear powerful testimony and share experiences of experiences they have had in defending the faith. The class inspired me to find ways I can better follow the Prophet and defend our faith.

Elder Cook is amazing. He is finding ways to connect with our members that I had never been able to before. He has really helped us better gain the trust of the members here. We were both so glad that we weren't transferred, because we feel like the last five weeks flew by and we didn't want to end this amazing companionship. I love him so much. He has taught me so much about patience. With the work, with the members, and with ourselves. He is a wonderful example to me.

Our friend C. is doing well. she has been coming to church, and we had a visit with her last night where she said that the Word Of Wisdom wouldn't really be a problem for her. She said that every church has good things and bad things, Except ours. She said ours was the only one that followed the Bible exactly, and she could see the difference in our church. So we asked her, Why won't you be a part of it? She then explained that she would feel bad to cut off the other churches, and that they all have good things. We are taking it one concern at a time. we realized that we need to establish a better foundation in the Book of Mormon, we are excited to see her progress and Come Unto Christ.

Our biggest miracle this week comes from our experience with M.L. She is a friend that we had lost contact with,but while at a member's home, they said they had invited her to come over and have a blessing. She has been struggling with depression, and Elder Cook and I were able to give her a blessing. The Spirit was so strong, she said she knew God would help her. It was an amazing experience because we were able to exercise our Priesthood and truly be Representatives of Jesus Christ, but also, that our members trusted us enough to invite a friend to receive a blessing was amazing. I am so grateful for the Priesthood that we hold and can bless the lives of others.

Preparation day today, we made some alfredo and bought that cool hat. They have like handmade basket stores where everything you can think of is handmade and mostly straw. It is so cool!!!!!!

We made the pancakes yesterday with a member!!!! They turned out really well!!!!! We bought stuff to make them again!!!! 
Yesterday, Elder Cook and I basically ran sacrament meeting. We chose the hymns, I blessed the sacrament, he played the piano, we both spoke, he taught, Gospel Principles, and I taught combined Priesthood and Relief Society. it was so great. It is so nice that our branch leadership trusts us with so much!!!! We had 12 in church, including us and our investigator!!!!
Oh ya... I ate rabbit this week, and fish....the whole thing... eyes and all!!!! Not bad!!! They sell rabbit like beef here.
Love you!!!!
Elder Tyson

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