Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mission Week 35-Staying in Manacor with Elder Cook! March 8, 2016

Elder Tyson here with another weekly report, and what a report it is. We shared the Plan of Salvation with her, using the scriptures in 2 Nephi 2, and she committed to be baptized for this coming Saturday. The Spirit was so strong, we left so excited.

We had another visit with her on Saturday, and something had changed. All her desires to be baptized had left and we're just filled with doubts. She didn't think that wine was bad and she said that she wouldn't be assisting church every week. We did our best to follow the Spirit to discern her needs, listen and ask questions, but she would interrupt us at every turn with a completely different concern that would change everything again.

It was a very tough lesson, but we made it through and committed her to read the Book of Mormon to know for sure if Joseph Smith was a prophet. She then came to church, but said she had to leave after Sacrament meeting. So we thanked her and tried to set up a time to meet with her. She then left, but returned in the middle of our Gospel Principles class to give Elder Cook and I some dessert she had. She then stayed for the rest of the class and we were able to talk about the Atonement and. The Fall.
She is such a kind person. Elder Cook and I have been praying and fasting to know her concerns and how we can help her. We have realized that she is ready to hear the Gospel but is not quite ready for baptism. This is exactly why we are here. We are just guides for her, so that she can come Unto Christ and receive the fullness of the Gospel. What a miracle it is that we get to be here doing the greatest work ever. 

I love these people. Old, young, Spanish, Hispanic, or Muslim, they are all children of God, and I am so grateful that the Lord has allowed me to come here and share my testimony with them. To love them as He loved, to serve them as He serves, and to be friend to all.

For preparation day today we went to the famous caves de drach... they were so pretty... a little expensive to go in, but its a once in a lifetime opportunity, right???

Oh ya, I am staying in my area, our whole district stayed the same.

It rained a ton this week... but we loved every minute of it...

WE ARE OFFICIALLY THE ONLY MISSIONARIES IN THE WORLD THAT HAVE A MAJORQUIN TABLE!!!!! For those who don't know, it is a table that is covered with a blanket, then underneath is a heater to warm your legs. It's amazing! We found it in our like church shed, and our president in our branch said we could have it. So, BOOM!!!!!!!! WE GOT IT!!!!! THE ONLY ELDERS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!

Anyways... gettiing my haircut later, its really needed... hahaha... excited for another great week...

That picture of the beware of dogs sign is for mom, I know you loved the common beliefs and establishing relationships. I thought of mission prep and the door knocking... so fun!!!!

By the way, I just hit 8 months!!!!! We got new office elders, and lots of new missionaries... really cool!!!!!
Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. Every area you go to, you try to figure out why you are there, and I am not sure why I was sent here. I am trying to figure it out, but I know that I am here for a reason.

One of my favorite things is that when we see a really angry old man, I just say to Elder Cook, "talk to him until he smiles", and we put on big smiles and just kill them with kindness. It makes me so happy... big waves and big smiles... it pulls them out of their world and reminds them that this life is happy! There are good people in this world. I love just giving people hope!!!!!!!!

Our candy lady (investigator), reminds me a lot of Grandma Harrington. she looks a lot like her. It makes me want to help her so much more! She has a family that wants her for eternity too!!!!!
I couldn't ask for better parents. Man, Elder Cook and I were talking today, we are literally on our own, in the middle of an island, in the sea, away from family, friends, work, education, all in the name of the Lord. How amazing is it? I want to thank you for being the best parents anyone could ask for. I think back to all those things you told me to do that I thought were dumb, but are now blessing my life. Things like "try night", keeping your room clean, being in the room and not on your phone, seeing the best in others, getting on bed on time, and most importantly, not putting yourself in situations that could drive away the Spirit. As strong as Satan is, he has got nothing on my parents. :) Thank you so much for caring. For pushing me to be involved in different things, to always give my best. I love you so much.

Well, I have to go... love you lots!
Elder Tyson

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