Monday, November 23, 2015

Mission Week 20: L'Hospitalet

What a fantastic week. I am learning so much from Elder Stratton, he has been such a blessing to me in my mission. I love that he sets really great goals but that he also knows how to reach them. He is a fully consecrated missionary. We are working harder than ever and our key indicators are more balanced and even. We are getting members in our lessons and having more solid visits.

One of our investigators is named A. His mom just moved into the ward with him and he has never been baptized. He is in his mid forties and when he showed up to church the first time we thought that he was already a member, due to his appearance and comments, but we were able to talk and he is excited to learn. It's so nice to know that he has such a strong family support. We are planning on setting a fecha (date) with him this week so that he can get baptized in the coming weeks.... What a miracle!

We held a piso (apartment) inventory this week to try to refocus ourselves in piso and recommit to keeping it clean and things like that. It was so fantastic. The spirit was so strong and our piso is a completely different environment. We end every night with a small testimony and our final word before sleep is baptism. Our Zone leaders are the best in the mission. I am so grateful for their leadership and friendship. Great examples.

I loved listening to the devotional with Elder Christensen this week. His words on the Holy Ghost were inspiring and uplifting. I learned how divine the Holy Ghost is and how I can better use him in our lessons. I hope that I can teach investigators how to recognize it as well.

I cut Elder Latteier's hair this week. Yikes... It started out fantastic... Then as I was attempting to blend it... I took a chunk out of it... Super sad but hilarious... We had a good laugh...

Remember how I said I didn't like that mate stuff that Zach drinks?  Well I absolutely love it now! I bought some of my own stuff on preparation day last week and now I love it haha.

I am planning on sending some letter and a package home. Please wait for Christmas to open them please. Haha.

I have been thinking a lot about this wonderful church we have and I have noticed that many people see it as just a way to be happy and receive blessings, when in reality, our church is about changing who we are. Using our Agency to become like our Savior Jesus Christ. I try to exemplify him everyday.

Ward choir is great, me and the first counselor in the stake presidency are really holding the basses together.  Haha. My companion made macaroni and cheese for us this week. So good!

Know that you are always in my prayers. If you need anything... Don't forget... I am just a few thousand miles away... Haha... Love you so much!!!!!,

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