Monday, November 16, 2015

Mission Week 19: L'Hospitalet


It has been such a wonderful week full of miracles. It has been so amazing working with Elder Stratton, he has such a strong desire to serve the Lord, it's infectious. Things really took off with our weekly planning. We set good meaningful goals that are going to help our area grow a lot. As well we got really organized by buying a second white board for our piso just to make everything flow better, so that we don't lose track of anyone.
Elder Stratton is trying to expand my cooking. It's not bad, but not great.

We saw a couple of big miracles this week, in addition to the small ones we see everyday.
The first was D. We passed by her house just to see if she was home, and it turned out she was. She said her work let her off early and was had something she needed to tell us. She explained that she talked with her boss and co-workers and that she in no longer going to be working on Sunday's. I was so excited. We tried to set a fecha but for some reason she didn't come to church. We are optimistic and helping her to prepare.

Finally, at church, some new members moved into the area and one man has never been baptized. We set up a follow up visit, and he had great comments in church.

Today for preparation day we went to the huge rambla and saw the Columbus statue. Lots of pictures.

Also, I bought some stuff to drink mate. It's gross, but I will love it. Also, I bought some Christmas gifts for you guys, so I will send them soon.

Anyway, I love you. Oh mom and dad, you have no idea. I am so happy.

I am singing in the ward choir!!!

I feel so blessed and love it here.

-Elder Tyson

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