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Mission Week 64: September 26, 2016

September 26, 2016

Oh dearest family whom I love so dearly!!!!!

Valencia, the land of miracles, and joy! And a week of miracles it was indeed. Elder Campbell and I had the opportunity to do two different intercambios in our zone and they were great experiences for the both of us. We were able to learn and teach and really help the areas grow. 

Elder Campbell and I are on fire in the work. We just had our first Enfoque together and we think it went very well. We set a big goal to have 40 fechas in the zone at the end of this week!!! We know that as we apply what we learned from the conference with the Zwick's we will no doubt be able to reach our goals.

I learned so much from the conference but I would just like to share five with you.

I learned that if I dont have a great relationship with my companion, I wil never be able to establish good relations with anyone I am trying to set goals to serve my companion everyday. I am so blessed to have him, no missionary can do this work alone.

I learned that we need to teach like the Savior by becoming like him. The Savior taught simply, with a lot of intensity, and testified always. I learned that as we let him become a part of who we are we will undoubtedly teach in the way that he taught. Elder Campbell and I are really focusing on getting back to the basics, and teaching with power.

I learned that we can never stop. We have never arrived. There is always more growing that we can do in our lives. We need to just endure. There is no end. I loved the quote by Oliver Cowdrey that was shared. He said, "never cease striving, until you've seen the face of God." That really made me think about the kind of missionary that i want to become, and the person. I need to always ask Myself the question that Alma asked all of us, "Can ye feel so now?"

I learned hat we will always be placing our foundation in Christ. None of us have reached the moment in the which we are now growing to the sky. Every day we can work to put our foundation in Jesus Chist.

Finally, The Spirit showed me how blessed I am. Blessed to be here serving in El faro. Blessed to be born of goodly parents, blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Blessed to be around such great and devoted servants of the lord.

I know I am going to try improving by repenting, and becoming more like my Savior Jesus Christ. We are going to teach simply and with the Spirit and I am going to love my Companion.

I am so grateful for Elder Campbell. He attacks contacts with the ferocity of a tiger, he is relentless in inviting like a female moose attack, and above all, he leaves a great impression on everyone he speaks with, like an encounter with the tentacles of a jellyfish. All jokes aside, he is truly a great man, and a great companion.

Our Zone Enfoque was epic folks!!!! We got there early and blacked out the whole church. Made it like pitch black in there. Then we hid flashlights under every chair and 40 baptismal signs all over the church!!!! When we got to the moment, we turned off the lights and we talked about how Jesus Christ is the ultimate lighthouse, but we are his lower lights, bringing the people safely into shore. So, using their flashlights, they had to find the signs, and not let their lights go out. We then put them on the board in the shape of a 40 and screamed quite a bit. It was epic!!!! We also had a little segment with the elders about locking our hearts and flirting with the sisters. I told them that my dad had always taught me that I should think before I speak. Still working on that one, but we just gave a little reminder that flirting is for after the mission. Here we convert, not flirt.....

Right now the members are helping us a lot. We have a great teaching pool right now which helps. The members are out with us every day helping and sharing the Gospel its been great! We and the members are getting really excited for General Conference. It is such a great time to relax and here the words of the Prophet!!!! I am praying for the Eagle Mountain temple!!!!!!!

I have learned a lot this week. I have been actually really happy for the guilt I have received when I have sinned.... I have felt Godly sorrow and it has really helped me to repent. I was so excited to take the sacrament this week!!! I truly felt the power of Jesus Christ.

D. is doing great. He has been crying because a girl lied to him and broke up with him, but we just shared some of our break up stories and calmed him down. He also dropped his phone while he was texting in the shower, so its ruined.... oh teenagers

Now its time for funny/frustrating stories with elder Tyson!!!!!

SO there I was. I went to a chinese thrift store to buy some stuff for our enfoque, and I had to use a 50 bill..... well the corner was ripped.... barely.... like not even through the margin and the lady freaks out that it is not real and says that she wont take it. So we went to the grocery store to change it out, and the same story, they said it was good, but that they couldn't take it for some reason. So we took it to the bank, and the lady says, do you have an account with us? I just no, I just want to change my 50. She said that they could only change it for members of there bank...... so then I say.... so what you are telling me, is that I could give this bill to the man behind me, and him, being a member, could change the bill out??? She was speechless..... she looks at the other ladies and they all shrug there shoulders, she makes up an excuse and we leave. We go to another bank and glory behold!!!! The other lady was so kind and changed it immediately!!! Anyways!!!!!

Well it was so great to hear from you!!!! Thank you for everything!!! Hope you have a great week!!!!! 

Elder Tyson

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