Monday, October 3, 2016

Mission Week 63: September 19, 2016 Visit from Elder Zwick of the 70

What up family!!!!!!!!

First off, I am so happy for Kalee!!!!!! What a champ!!!!! I
absolutely love the temple!!!! It was incredible..... I wish I could
go right back and do a session!!!!!

Happy everyone is getting back to the swing of things... Loved ZACH'S
haircut, by the way!!

How lifted I was this week after the conference with the Zwick's! It
was very powerful and impacted me and our companionship a lot! We felt
so blessed to learn so much, and already have the opportunity to apply
those things in the work. Specifically with the simplify, intensify,
and testify. Really using our stories to help those around us. We had
special opportunities the past few days to share personal stories, and
to see that these people are really starting to understand. No wonder
the Savior always taught with stories. It works miracles.

One thing that stuck out to me in this conference was putting the
message on our heart, and not forgetting what we have felt. I feel
like that was specific for me because sometimes I feel like I just get
into the motions of missionary work and having this conference and
those teachings have helped me relight the fire, and remember that the
Spirit doesn't work through just going through the motions!!

The conference was solid.... The Zwick's were fantastic. I personally
loved the stories of Scotty!!!! Felt like family!!!!

For preparation day today we went and rented a four seater bike and
took it in the park...... It was wild!!!!! The. We went to the mall,
and after got haircuts!!!! It was a blast!!!!!

Time for my favorite part of the letter!!!! FUNNY STORIES WITH ELDER TYSON!!!!!

So there we were, eating lunch in the leadership meeting on Saturday.
To my right, Elder Campbell. Across from me, Elder W. Craig Zwick, a
general authority. And to my right, who could it be? Just a humble
Sister Barbara Perry. The sister of President Dayton, and the wife of Elder
L. Tom Perry. Well the chitchat is happening, as usual, and I am
making jokes with sister Perry that she was five years younger than
President. Good times. President raised a brow at that comment, but we
just laughed. I wanted to throw out a signature, "hola reina" but
something was telling me that wasn't the best idea.

So that's it, that's my week!!!! I was a crazy one!!!!! Love you!!!!!

Elder Tyson

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