Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I made it!!!!!!!

Hey!!!! just got to the CCM. I am so excited!!! we got heavily delayed
and some guys lost some bags, but all is well for me. I got to show
some kids magic tricks on the last plane, it was so cool!!!! I am
already feeling the love of the Lord.... It's been so cool to know
that when anything is wrong i  can just  pray and i know the lord will
provide. We did it multiple times and have already seen our heavenly
father in our lives. Also, british airways is  legit. They have all of
the bells and whistles and because  our flight was delayed, they
offered all of the movie for free.... serious temptation, but we  made
it through. we decided that  to pass the time we would read the entire
book of mormon. we each had  106 pages and it took bothh flights to
do. everyone was so into it, it was awesome. Spain is crazy, driving
is horrible, the speed limit goes from100 to 80 to 50 and back to 100
all in a matter  kilometres...... its so crazy, everyone cuts everyone
off, we got here  and had dinner, chicken quesadillas and salad.....
Lord is already pushing me haha... Hope all is well... Love you so

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