Thursday, July 16, 2015

Happy Thorsday P-Day Elder Tyson

From Elder Tyson:

Hey!!!! I seriously love it here. The food is pretty gross but i fight
through. I keep telling myself its for the lord. I have become a big
fan of Tabasco sauce to dull the fishy taste!!! lol. I love my
companion, he is and elder from sandy who is going to BYU when he gets
back. The language
is tough but mostly because they are teaching us in a different way.
We have pretend investigators that we teach everyday, and thats how we
learn spanish. Each day we have an hour of grammar class, but other
than that its all trial by fire. The other day we were pretty
discouraged but my teacher said something really profound. she said,
god could have called any spanish speaking missionary in the world.
from  south america, from spain, but he chose us because of our
testimony. It was such a powerful moment!!!! I everything we do here
is centered around our investigators. Its really humbling. I sit down
for personal study and when I open my scriptures I think, what do I
need to read to buils clara, and ismael. Its amazing!!! the spirit
hits me and is always in our lessons. I got your mail!!! thanks for
sending that and for putting that photo album in my bag!!! it made me
so happy to be able to see all of that!! tell the girls I love them
and pray for them Everyday. we went to the park on saturday, we didnt
have much success but i fely the spirit guiding me to his children. i
was able to bear testimony about the book of mormon, and it was
moving. I will be on to chat if you are up. P:S. i was called to be
district leader!

From Kristy:
 Does anyone like the food?

How are you sleeping?

Did I mention that I miss you sooo sooo much?

I am so proud of you!  Sister Lovell (MTC President's wife) says your district is full of great energy...
From Elder Tyson:
 my comp was on the flights with me, so we know each other pretty
well, there is tons of graffiti in this area, the temple is truly a
beacon!!!! as district leader i collect the mail, choose prayers and
go to a weekly meeting, its no big deal, i am planning a district
award ceremony for the last week if i am still the leader... i think
it will be fun!!!
ya the temple is gorgeous, hand woven carpets, we get to go weekly,
so we go to the 3:30 session, luckily its in English... my district
likes the food, and I manage, I sleep well but its so so hot here....
 I put tabasco on everything!!!!! it takes the edge off.... we love
singing in the showers as a district, we belt the song, children
holding hands!!!!
 love you all, got go, and you know, serve the lord!!!! hope all is
well!!! cant wait for next week!!! keep it real!!!

Here is a picture of Elder Z. Tyson at the airport with "flat" Elder K. Tyson.


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